Play the screen golf and chill with a bucket of beer at Baker J Cafe. Rates start at PHP 999 inclusive of four (4) beers and 50min golf simulator play.

Unwind in Style: Experience 'Play and Chill' at Baker J Cafe!

Unwind in style at Baker J Cafe's enticing new offer: 'Play and Chill.' Immerse yourself in the virtual greens of screen golf while savoring the laid-back ambiance of our cozy cafe. Indulge in a refreshing bucket of beer, perfectly complementing your leisurely gaming experience. With rates starting at PHP 999, inclusive of four ice-cold beers and 50 minutes of exhilarating golf simulator play, there's no better way to escape the ordinary.

Whether you're perfecting your swing or simply enjoying the company of friends, 'Play and Chill' promises an unforgettable fusion of recreation and relaxation. Join us at Baker J Cafe, where every moment is a hole-in-one for the soul.

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